Our Vision

EACCIA will be a credible partner for government in the creation of a business environment conducive to the development of a strong private sector throughout the East African Community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the private sector in East Africa through influencing policy at national and community level, supporting national chambers and strengthening cooperation and partnership between the public and private sectors across the East African Community. We will achieve this by: Articulating well developed proposals for removing constraints facing the business, industrial and agricultural communities; Promoting unity amongst stakeholders within
the private sector; and Collaborating closely with Governments to make the East African Community more attractive to investors.

Strategic Goals

A strategic direction for the EACCIA was agreed upon in 2006, outlining the role of the EACCIA, its vision and mission, as well as its future strategic objectives. Although this was not fully developed at that time, the goals and strategic objectives still remain as the pillars of EACCIA and include:

  1. Trade Promotion and Facilitation, with a view to ensuring that the regional integration of East Africa is realized;
  2. Investment Mobilization;
  3. Improvement of the Business Environment in favour of the Private Sector;
  4. Promoting the dissemination of business information to the national chambers in the EAC member states;
  5. Strengthening and developing SMEs and other informal sectors in the region;
  6. Facilitating the provision of Business Development and related Advisory Services;
  7. Undertaking capacity building interventions to the various national chambers of commerce in the region, in order to ensure that they are able to respond to the needs of their members;
  8. Promoting Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), particularly in the delivery of regional infrastructure programmes and projects, with a view to discouraging capital flight out of the region.