ABFC 2016 Financial Inclusion
Agenda and Program

The objective of this ABFC 2016 event was to sharpen the focus of thinking on how financial institutions can grow by promoting financial inclusion as a core part of their business strategies.

The 2016 ABFC conference included a broad range of discussions and debates by top speakers from across Africa bringing theoretical and practical experiences on how various sectors can work together to promote financial inclusion.


Program at ABFC 2016



Day 1: 31 May 2016



Pre Event Work Shop-Hosted by CapitalPlus Exchange Corporation USA
A highly interactive and participatory 5 hour training intended for executives, managers, and HR executives


Day 2: 1st June 2016 Topics



- Creating an Enabling Environment For Financial Access
- Technological Innovation for Financial Inclusion
- Regulatory Efforts and Supervisory Challenges, Priorities & Strategies
- Insurance And Financial Inclusion
- Supporting Access to Finance with a focus MSMEs
- DFI and Financial Inclusion


Day 3 - 2nd June 2016 Topics



- Women and Youth In Financial Inclusion- Tapping into this Market Segment
- Banking- Making Financial Inclusion a central pillar of the overall policy- The Role Of Islamic Banking And Finance In Financial Inclusion.
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