Themed as Unlocking Africa's Energy Potential, Africa Future Energy Forum 2015 to take place in Nairobi from 27-28 May!

MCI-Middle East along with East African Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture hosted the Africa Future Energy Forum from 27 – 28 May 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya. The forum brought together major stakeholders to discuss the policy, technology, and financing aspects of unlocking Africa's energy potential.

Africa Future Energy Forum demonstrated to the world community the growing significance and viability of business and investment in the African energy sector. One of the unique features of the forum is that it was comprehensively inclusive and offered a platform for open discourse across sectors and groups without focusing on ideological debate on public versus private investment or fossil fuel versus renewable energy.

The program was built to discuss an inclusive focus on all sectors of energy - fossil fuel and renewable energy, review existing energy programs implemented across the African landscape, discover business opportunities in African energy sector, meet a built up network with high-level policymakers and energy experts as well as explore new business partners, showcase unique solutions to the development of the African energy sector, opportunity to become an integral part of Africa’s sustainable future.

The conference also engaged Ministers, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Vice Presidents, Department Directors, Technology Specialist, Head of Business Intelligence, Business Development Managers, Chief Quality Officers, Head of Information Services, Head of Systems, Heads of departments, Professors, Associate Professors, Partners, Directors, and Program Managers. The conference also brought together Governments, Multinational and development organizations, Associations, Energy providers, Energy companies, Technology providers, Financial institutions, Vendors, Consultants, Academia and civil society, Young energy professionals and others to improve how we collectively address these global issues together.