Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce

ZNCC represents the private sector in Zanzibar. It aims to promote business growth in Zanzibar by:
Articulating well developed proposals for removing constraints facing business, Industrial & Agricultural community; Promoting unity of stakeholders within the private sector; Enabling Zanzibar enterprises to access skills, market ,partnership, investment opportunities and financial resources and Working with the government to make Zanzibar more attractive to investors. Read more.


Chambre Fédérale du Commerce et de l’Industrie du Burundi

The Burundi Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the apex body for private sector organisations in Burundi. It adopted its present form in 2008 and brings together ten sectoral chambers and two cross-sectoral chambers. The chamber represents the interests of the private sector in dialogue with government on matters of interest to business. Read more. 


Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

KNCCI is an autonomous, private sector institution and membership based organization. It was established in 1965 from the amalgamation of the then three existing Chambers of Commerce to protect and develop the interests of the business community.
The KNCCI has a countrywide outreach with over 100 branches. It works in close collaboration with the Government, stakeholders and business development organizations internationally. Read more.


Mozambique Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mozambique Chamber of Commerce and Industry emerged in 1980, on March 30. It was just a group of six mostly state-owned companies. MCCI has been evolving and assuming, at each stage, its own characteristics. It is dedicated to promoting the harmonious development of its associates' businesses in order to ensure their effective participation in the country's economic activities. Read more.


Rwanda Private Sector Federation

The Private Sector Federation of Rwanda (PSF) is a professional organization, dedicated to promote and represent the interests of the Rwandan business community. It is an umbrella organization that groups 9 professional chambers. It was established in December 1999, replacing the former Rwanda Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
It represents and serves the interests of the entire private sector through lobbying and advocacy, while at the same time providing timely and relevant business development services that lead to sustainable private sector led economic growth and development. Read more.


South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture

The South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, SSCCIA is the umbrella body representing and advocating for the private sector in the Republic of South Sudan. It is a membership based organization, whose foundation dates back to 2003.
Whether you are a local business person, a foreign investor, a nongovernmental organization or development partner, you will derive great benefits and services from engaging with the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture, through quality services they provide to their members and beyond. Read more.

Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and AgricultureThe Tanzania

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) was established in 1988. It was initiated with the support of the Tanzanian Government to strengthen the private sector. Today, TCCIA represents the private business sector throughout Tanzania.
TCCIA has offices in all regions of mainland Tanzania and over 90 district centres, which are autonomous in their
operational activities. These autonomous Chambers link the private sector to the Government with a view of promoting the development of private enterprise. Read more.


Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a vibrant organization focused on enhancing business opportunity. We are dedicated to ensuring our members take advantage of business opportunities locally, regionally and internationally. The Chamber is over 80 years old as a nation wide umbrella organization for the private sector. Read more.